One with the Sea

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Blogtalk radio, Feb. 5, 2012. Click here to listen to Richard Daniel O'Leary interview on this program.

IdeaMensch, December, 2011. — Richard Daniel O'Leary – Founder of Cruise Ventures.
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York Coast County Star, September 29, 2011. — From his roots as a poor Irish boy growing up in Auburn, Richard O'Leary set himself on the fast track to success by doing a little more than people expected of him and having just the right amount of luck on his side. Documenting his life of rags to riches in his memoir, One with the Sea, O'Leary tells his story of growing up in Maine and traveling the world with his service in the Navy, U.S. Merchant Marines and his company Cruise Ventures, Inc.
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Cruise Radio Interview — Episode 96 - SS United States, July 14, 2011. Listen to the interview online - The segment with Richard O'Leary begins about 8:30 into the recording.

Barry Hunter, August 28, 2011, BARYON — This is the story of a man's dream and the opportunities given to the son of an Irish immigrant by following the American Dream. It is a rags to riches story of determination and hard work resulting in creating a company that grew from one man's idea into a company that provides jobs for over 2500 employees.

O'Leary grew up in Maine and his career in the Navy, Merchant Marines, and assistant general manager of the port of Norfolk prepared him for his creation of Cruise Ventures, Inc. and its growth and success. Most readers may not remember the Horatio Alger stories of the 1920s and 1930s, but O'Leary's story could have come out of the pages of one of those books. This is an interesting and uplifting story that will make you feel good about yourself and The American Dream.

Tami Brady, TCM Reviews, August 26, 2011
One with the Sea is the life story (so far) of Richard Daniel O'Leary. O'Leary, as you may know, was the founder of Cruise International, responsible for the Spirits series of ships. A self-made man, his hard work, dedication, and strength of will are true examples of success. More so than that though, there is a grounded quality to this story – it isn't enough to be successful, you also have to make the world a better place while doing so.
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Midwest Book Review, August 16, 2011
To create something from nothing is the true essence of the American dream. "One with the Sea: An Inspiring Rags-to-Riches Saga of the Son of an Irish Immigrant" is the memoir of Richard Daniel O'Leary as he tells his story of coming from a poor house in Maine but with loving parents who helped him towards great opportunity. Eventually earning his way to a college degree and seeing the world with the United States Navy, and building his own company, he hopes his own story will inspire others, and speaks on the virtues of good capitalism. "One with the Sea" is a memoir for those who still want to believe in the American dream.

Wandering Educators Author Interview August 16, 2011 — Richard O'Leary has drawn on a wealth of life experiences to contribute to his memoir. In this special interview, he discusses his philosophy of a strong work ethic, his distinguished military career, his successful cruise ship industry and the importance of family and friends.
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Sun Journal, July 25, 2011
"Richard Daniel O'Leary was 5 years old or so when he first stood in awe of the ocean. Born and raised in Auburn, he'd been around water, sure. He thought the local lakes and ponds were OK, and the Androscoggin River was pretty the days it rushed over the falls and didn't flood. But Old Orchard Beach was love at first sight. . . ."
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Honorable Mention, New England Book Festival 2011, in Non-fiction!
The New England Book Festival has honored Richard Daniel O'Leary with an honorable mention in the Biography / Autobiography category for his life's tale One with the Sea. Calling his life "an adventure in capitalism," O'Leary's saga of his rise from a poor immigrant family to entrepreneur and founder of Cruise Ventures, Inc., is filled with self-deprecating humor and sage business advice that makes for a very different kind of business book, and one that is a joy to read.

"The writer has been motivated by man's age old love of the sea….Of most significance is the inspiration readers will gain from his maritime related businesses."
     — Ken Curtis, Governor of State of Maine, 1967-1975

"Nearly all who go down to the seas come to Norfolk and that was true for O'Leary … he weaves a fascinating narrative of…remarkable success in achieving his bold vision for Norfolk as a cruise port…. His adopted hometown grew right along with him. O'Leary's prescription for success…speaks to his belief in our educational and economic systems, and in the core values that make our nation great….This book would prove an instructive and inspiring read for legions of young people today."
     — Paul D. Fraim, Mayor of Norfolk, VA, 1994-present

"Sure it's a rags-to-riches saga but – oh, so much more. Dick is a compelling storyteller…wrapping his yarns with great humor and keen insight. The underlying values explicitly and implicitly revealed along the way of his life journey, make one proud to be an American!"
     — Robert Dickinson, President Carnival Cruise Line, 1987-2007

"(The author) learned his father's determined work ethic early and applied the lessons throughout his pursuit of business success….(this book is) a guide on how to seize opportunity, balance your risk-taking, and persevere through failure to ultimately create commerce, jobs, and wealth where there was none before."
     — James Denton, Publisher/Editor, World Affairs

"Stand aside Horatio Alger, there's a new upwardly mobile author in town… O'Leary's accomplishments in different fields, mostly water-related, are a true microcosm of the possibilities in this country's character…Wherever you're from, whatever you do, if you're smart and care and have found something you love and you work hard, the future is unlimited. Of course, it helps if you have great ideas, can find terrific mentors, have a sixth sense about changing jobs and get on famously with people. All these elements are within Richard O'Leary in full measure…it shows on every page."
     — Tom Vincent, Principal, Marketing a la Carte, Ltd., Sr. VP Ogilvy & Mather